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This success is because of the three aspects. The initiative determination & commitment on our part & broad vision & the desire to serve the students on the part of our heads of institution & the belief of Parents on SACHDEVA. Development has been consistent because we never took the middle ground uncompromised all the way in providing infrastructure, dedicated teaching faculty & policy they adopted to the changing needs. We strongly believe in the philosophy, thought, word & deed; If a firm is run in efficiently the loss accrues to that firm or connected persons alone; but if an educational institution is run inefficiently or negligently lives of thousands of students are at Peril.

Remember what you become depends on what you know which again depends on what you learn, & is ultimately a function of what you are taught. And who is a bigger teacher than Experience? At Sachdeva college we take pride in our sprawling two decade pedagogy experience, as year after year we have produced great learners who went on to become outstanding individuals, to leave a mark of excellence in their respective domains. [+] read more

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We have highly experienced &qualified Faculties. Who have 10 to [+] read more


Topic wise researcged and comprehensive study materials will be provided, based on the new pattern. [+] read more



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